Snowing on Ancient Rome


Snow at Roman Baths, Bearsden

Those of you who know me, or who have pored over every word of the “About Us” page on my website to find out more about my pretty boring and uneventful but on the whole quite pleasant utterly fascinating and glamorous life, will know that I live at the northernmost reaches of the Ancient Roman Empire. In Bearsden (pronouced like the animals and the place where they live), to be precise, through which the Antonine Wall runs.

This photo shows the snow-covered ruins of the the Roman Bathhouse at 1pm yesterday (the sun is low in the sky here in Scotland in wintertime, hence the long shadows).

I wonder what conditions were like for the soldiers? What was the Scottish weather like then — does anybody know?

2 Responses to “Snowing on Ancient Rome”

  1. Yipes. And those Roman soldiers wore skirts too! No wonder they never got that far north.

    • Here was me expecting illumination from some historical climatologist (climatological historian). And what do I get? Men in skirts.
      They clearly weren’t made of stern enough stuff.
      I don’t think you can see the ruins at all today, by the way, after Monday’s snowfall.

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