Correction to our post on Itchy Coo press


We’re delighted to correct our previous post on Itchy Coo press: happily, they are not closing down. Here’s their comment in full, to put the record straight:

The story [published in Scotland on Sunday] is not accurate. Itchy Coo is NOT closing, and the books will continue to be available as long as folk continue to want them (which they currently do in large numbers), although we have no plans for new titles at present. The separate outreach and education programme, run by Matthew Fitt with support from James Robertson, is coming to an end, but this is a voluntary decision taken by Matthew and James and NOT brought about by cuts imposed by Creative Scotland, who in their present form (and previously as the Scottish Arts Council) have been massively supportive of the whole Itchy Coo project. Unfortunately the story in Scotland on Sunday ignored these facts in order to get a couple of good headlines.

That’ll teach us to take newspaper reports at face value.

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