Translating the Zodiac: take our poll


Cloth showing Zodiac signs

We had a Twitter conversation a couple of weeks ago about Zodiac signs and the sort of character traits that make for good translators/editors. I thought it would be interesting — and fun — to see if there’s any correlation between a person’s zodiac sign and their choice of translation/editing as a career. So I’ve devised this scientifically and statistically rigorous (not!) poll to try to find out.

If you’re not a translator or editor, please take the second poll (you’ll need to scroll a bit — sorry!) so that we can compare the results.

Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds

7 Responses to “Translating the Zodiac: take our poll”

  1. My husband and I have same birthday. I work in publishing but he works in engineering and is very much into computer programming. So as much as I like the idea of there being a link, I’m doubtful.

  2. 3 Marga Blankestijn

    nice! would be interesting statistically if you’d add birthdates, -times and – places. Virgo in the lead is not surprising at all, sign of nitpickers 😉 and ruled by Mercury, who in turn rules language, communication and commerce.

    • Thanks, Marga. Virgo is no longer in the lead, in spite of our nitpicking tendencies.I could probably have refined the poll with various parameters, but statistics aren’t my strong point!

      • 5 Marga Blankestijn

        I’m useless with any numbers, let alone statistics 😉

  3. 6 limr

    I’m not a translator or editor, but my degree is in linguistics and education, and I’ve been teaching ESL and writing professionally for 15 years. I took the second poll because I don’t know if that’s close enough to editing, but it’s related. I don’t know a second language good enough to translate, but I know several enough to deal with day-to-day living in a place that speaks that language. I’m a Pisces (with my moon in Virgo and Scorpio rising, which tempers the Piscean wishy-washiness!)

    • Thanks. Your profession’s pretty close to the translation/editing category, but the second poll’s probably more appropriate. It’ll be interesting to see the results once a few more people have taken part (10pm on a Saturday isn’t the best time to post a blog poll!)

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