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  The 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) was published this year. There are of course many wonderful style guides: some are listed here. But The CMoS is the one I’m after — just look at the lovely colours on that cover! (I’ve still got the orange 15th edition; I think this […]

I love my job. BUT – I also love bangles. And therein lies a problem – I can’t type while wearing bangles, they interfere with the position of my wrist and hand. So I get ready in the morning, carefully select the bangles (always plural!) I’m going to wear, sit down to work… And after […]

A special Monday treat for me is Bill Cunningham’s On the Street fashion feature for the New York Times . Anorak-clad Bill is an unlikely-looking fashion hero but his feature is a visual and aural delight – from his Bostonian voice to the pleasure he takes in the fashion, the people, and New York itself. […]