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One of the things I like about Twitter (and there are lots) is that nearly all the translators I follow there seem to love their jobs. I don’t know if there’s some sort of self-selection going on here, with translators who embrace social media being more engaged with and enthused by their work. There’s the […]

I wrote a couple of days ago about how to be a good client – and how to get the best out of your translator (or copywriter, web/graphic designer, editor – delete or add to as applicable). The other good-client practice, of course, is to pay promptly and unflinchingly. Bearing in mind that if my […]

I’m currently translating a speech for a government speech-writer who’s a delight to work with. Here’s why. First, he gave us advance warning (of about 10 days) that he’d be working on a speech to be delivered in mid-April. He asked if we could be on stand-by over the Easter period to translate it. So […]